Samba De Amigo

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  • The samba-inspired rhythm music game made popular in the arcades is shaking its way onto the Wii™! Keeping the beat with over 40 songs on a Samba-inspired sound track, players shake the Wii Remote and Nunchuk like maracas, and compete with friends to see who has the best moves. Throughout the dynamic songs there will be opportunities to strike a pose for extra points. Friends and family will be thoroughly entertained cheering each other on as they anxiously await their next turn. Special Modes expand gameplay with Quick Play, Classic, Battle, Survival, Hustle, and Mini-games.


    ★ Brand New Dual Wii Remote Control Option gives players’ untethered, maraca-shaking freedom with two remotes or the Wii Remote and Nunchuck.

    ★ Fun for Two Players in competitive or cooperative multiplayer modes, including Love Love mode where two players synch up their moves to earn points and test their compatibility.

    ★ The Samba-infused Soundtrack features over 40 upbeat, festive favorites from the original game, plus many new tunes. Online Leaderboards and Friends Lists let players post their best scores and compare them to their friends’ scores.

    ★ Multiple Game Modes include Career, Single Player, Multiplayer, Training, and Records.

    Special Modes Special modes expand gameplay with Quick Play, Classic, Battle, Survival, Hustle and Mini-Games Special SEGA Levels include beloved characters from past SEGA games High scores can be uploaded to global leaderboards and compared against you’re your friends’ lists

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  • Samba De Amigo was named the IGN’s Best Music/Rhythm game of E3 2008! Samba Wins E3 Award!
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